October, 2019 was an important month in the journey of The Fleeting Moments when the team was chosen as the Artists of the Month at Artsy-Coffee and Culture, a premier art cafe in Kolkata. It was then, a team of six young students, with the common passion towards photography as a form of artistic expression, aiming at creating telling photographs which necessarily place more emphasis on conveying emotions or stories of places and people over the photographic medium, instead of the simple portrayal of visuals.

The team put together an exhibit, which went by the name The Tales 

It consisted of three very distinct sections, tied together by the Tales of feelings, and emotions narrated through the medium of fine art photography. The exhibit stayed on the walls and prints were sold over the entire month of October.

The wall at the cafe was segregated into three distinct regions and the exhibit was a seamless amalgamation of photographs pertaining to three apparently distinct topics. 

  • KOLKATA: LIGHTS AND SHADOWS -  A unique insight into the City of Joy, where we switch the focus from the bright exuberance to the subtle stories which reside in the folds of the city. From special vantage points to frames from the old and staid North Calcuttan alleys, we have tried to create a gallery of  low-key imagery which depict the very regular activities of the city yet leave space for personal interpretation, beyond what is apparent.
  • INDIA: VIBRANCE  - A collection of bright frames from around India, aimed at capturing the positive emotions which are necessarily connected to the idea of travel.
  • ANIMALS: FINE ART PORTRAITSA genre of fine art visuals, unique to us, where we have attempted to describe the vulnerable situation and plight of wildlife, diseased by habitat loss and poaching together with the painful life of animals living in captivity. The use of dark backgrounds and grim, shadowy figures blending into the darkness point at how we are losing the global diversity of fauna at an alarming rate and slowly marching towards a dreadful future, devoid of the graceful presence of wildlife.

The entire exhibition has been immortalized through this online gallery as a remembrance of a very important feather to the wings of The Fleeting Moments, which has now grown into a family of more than 50 individuals committed to the Visual Art platform, who keep it going through their contributions in the form of Photography, Art and Creative Content.